Welcome to Aviemore

The property dates back to 1870 and in the 1960s it became one of the first Guest Houses in Rye. 

Whilst restoring Aviemore, in sympathy with the house and our love for vintage, retro, art and nature, we upcycled, sourced unusual and beautiful objects and with the help of local craftsmen, created interesting and environmentally friendly guest accommodation. Aviemore is decorated with nature in mind.


Environmentally Conscious ... what we are doing

We are very conscious of waste. Our kitchen and garden waste are composted

to provide organic mulch for our garden and we recycle everything that the current system allows.

Most of our furnishings and decorations are upcycled and we believe that up cycling is a more efficient way forward. 

We are particularly conscious of plastic waste and happy to say that our guest rooms are almost free of new plastic. You won't find plastic bottled water in your room but still water in decanters and sparkling water using the original sodasteam. 

We have switched our water/electricity suppliers to those making a positive difference to the environment. Our electricity provider puts profits back to help local communities,  

our water provider helps people in the third world gain access to clean and safe water.

With respect and love for nature we are sustainable with our flower and foliage arrangements.

Our foliage comes from our lovely garden or locally when walking the beautiful countryside. Our flower arrangements and dry foliage decorations are made in house by hand and we don't buy cut flowers!



Finally we are proud to say that 5 years into our business Aviemore still runs without the need for a car!